Dancehall & Reggae Production
Technicians Music


  1. Tears Always Win
    Elaine Shepherd (Produced by The Technicians)
  2. Cabana Riddim
    The Technicians
  3. Tell Her Riddim
    The Technicians
  4. Meet Me In My Dreams Snippet
    Paka (Produced by The Technicians)
  5. Miss Independiente
    Andres (Produced By The Technicians)
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Every once in a while, we like to do remixes to further showcase our production style and ability. Since we enjoy playing and working with all genres of music, we try to diversify what our remixes will be like. More importantly, we try and make every remix our own musically. We believe there's not sense making are remix that sounds like the original. If that's the case, why not just listen to the original instead!? :) So we approach every project with a creative vigor that ensures it will stand out!