Lovesick Mixtape
Andres Reinell


  1. Miss Independiente
    Andres Reinell (Produced by The Technicians)
  2. Terminal
    Andres Reinell (Produced by The Technicians)
  3. Casual Goodbyes
    Andres Reinell (Produced by The Technicians)

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Latin r&b soul-hopper Andres is with out a doubt one of Canada's best pure vocalists. Blessed with a tremendous vocal range and a silky smooth tone, Andres is quickly blossoming into one of Canada's best all around artists.

Andres combines the raw Latin influences of the likes of Marc Anthony, with the urban swagger of Usher for a sound all his own. For those fortunate enough to hear Andres do what he does best, prepare to be engulfed in a truly authentic experience.

"Above all the vocal techniques, he has that rare, special gift to evoke emotion and feeling through his voice... a certain genuine quality that people identify with."

-Dj Kemo, certified platinum-selling producer

No stranger to success, Andres has released three singles that have all received rotation on commercial hit radio in several major Canadian AND American markets including: The Beat 94.5 (Vancouver), Virgin Radio 95.3 (Vancouver), Z 103.5 (Toronto), Power 106 (Los Angeles) and Power 96 (Miami) to name a few. Andres has been performing in venues across Canada, most recently opening for Don Omar's "Meet the Orphans" West Coast tour. Along with his strong live performances, Andres is featured on many mixtapes and compilation albums, has a strong online presence, and many media appearances under his belt. Building on this already stellar track record of success, Andres will surely be a household name with the release of his highly anticipated sophmore effort-"Enfermo De Amor: The LoveSick Mixtape" to be released in the summer of 2011.

Keep an eye out for Andres as the sky is the limit for this bright young talent.